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One Week Marketing

Jennifer (id: PotPieGirl ) amazed me. She was a nobody, just a simple woman some time ago. And today, when I see the height she has reached, I am glad, happy for her. You know, she used to work from home, doing little things, and making little money, and her methods weer to simple, yet so right.

And today, she stands successful and richer. How?

To discover this, we should ask her. We should read how she did it?

Would you want to know? Lets read her story..


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Zero Friction Marketing

What is Zero Friction Marketing?

Why is the concept of Zero Friction catching up and has become one of the hottest discussed topics among top marketers?

Here is what my expereince says. I never believed that I could generate a six figure dollar income online. Nobody can. I have been using internet as a source of my earings since almost five years and was satisfied using the middle path. I wante to be sure I never do anything illegal, and wanted to keep a safe online income coming into my bank account.  It was goign all smooth.

And when I read about Sam making a six digit dollar income, I rejected it as a fluke, till... till.. he bought his merc. Yes a bloody RED MERC. I am jealous and ... wanted to know how is he making that king of a money, and I did not have the guts to ask him, till he called me up, inviting for the opening of his new office.  There, he opened his source to me. He introduced me to Zero Frinction Marketing.  Zero Frinction ... means?  It means that there is nothing betweeen you and money.

I had nothing to lose and decided to try it out.

It all started with a small Zero Frinction Marketing Book, I picked up from the net. A little tiny eBook that opened by eyes WIDE. I knew this is it.

Three months since I read those few pages and implemeted it, I am all set my by a new office, just next to Sam's.

I got this Book from here. I am sure ever person interested in making money online can really get good relevant information to make him real rich.

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