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Place of Personnel Manager
Personnel Manger is a staff officer whose function is to provide special services to the line officers and advices and counsel them on personnel problems. He is an exponent of a point of view and methods designed to help line managers in getting effective results through people. He cannot establish policies and make divisions himself; he has to advice the line Manger, the final decision resting with the latter. Managing people is the heart and essence of being a manger.


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As Frederick R. Kappal in his “Personnel Management” puts it “people are our most important resource-and as I see it, every boss of people has to be his own personnel man. Personnel Management is not something you turn over to a personnel department staff”.

The manger's job is of getting things done through people. The manger is a leader and supervisor and director. His crucial task is that of leading and mobilizing and directing the energy and efforts of those he manages. He will secure both advise and assistance from members of the department. They can help to keep him upto date on the state of the art; they can suggest how he may improve his personnel management: they can perform a wide range of professional and technical services for his recruiting, selection, wage and salary administration, collective bargaining and many others. A competent industrial relations manger can co-operate with him in planning, staffing, organising and administering his managerial province.

Specialists and colleagues can help him. They can even cover for him, by reducing his deficiencies n manging people. But he must understand how to use the help and advice of others in his management of people, an he must recognise the necessity for thinking in terms of people. He cannot organise anything but people. Leading, directing and mobilizing people in is crucial task.

Everyone must develop maintain his competence in managing people. He must get and hold the right people, help them develop to meet new responsibilities, maintain their interest and commitment and enthusiasm. These are his responsibilities.

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