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Organisation of office works
Office activities are to be organized on the basis of individual needs and circumstances. The total office work falls under two major groups, viz. general office services and sectional office activities.


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The manger has direct control or line authority over general office services, and he has to organize these services by determining the required activities, subdividing them into smaller groups,l allocating duties to fixed individuals and delegating authority to his subordinates. Organizing in the full sense is undertaken by the office manage but activities are organized by operating managers of their respective departments. For example, sales-office activities form a part of the total sales activities of the business, and the sales manager organizes his office and other activities in his own way. Like wise other sectional offices are organized by production, finance or personnel manger of the business. However, the office manger as an advisory role in matters of organizing sectional office. As all sectional office along with the office for general services are housed together in one building, the office manager has to consider the problems associated with layout of different offices and their working arrangements. In large enterprises, departmental or sectional offices are housed on separtate floors of a building, while in many other cases different sectional offices are arranged on one or two floors of the building.

Layout of different offices of an enterprise is to be done in such a manner that adequate lighting, ventilation and spacing are provided to all such a offices. Because of dearth of ideal office areas within the heart of a town or city, layout of offices cannot be made very often within a predesigned building. Withing the limits of available areas, different offices are to be accommodated. Usually private or personal offices for executives tend to be reduced in those cases where the area is not sufficient space for permitting clear passage or roadways between desks as well as between offices so as to ensure unobstructed movement of people and documents.

The department is headed either by the secretary of the company or by a separate office manager. In small and medium sized enterprises, the secretary takes over the office activities in addition to his usual secretarial duties. However, practices between companies vary as to the assignment of office duties. In those enterprises which do not create the position of a separate office, activities are placed under the charge of either the secretary of the chief accountant of the company.

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