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Instruments of sales manager's organization
The nature of the plans made will determine the nature of the organization task required. In most companies, much of the sales manager's organization task is obviated through such instruments as these


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1. The table of organization. Usually the home office determines the basic organization structure of the branch, district, region, division, or other field sales unit. Job titles are established, lines of authority, responsibility, and accountability are defined, and at least a general pattern of relationships is indicated. In some companies the table or organization does not exist in written from, often it is merely a matter of precedent or custom, and in such cases there is frequently great lattiude for change at local levels. In other companies the organization structure of the field sales units is quite specifically defined, and in such cases all local changes must be made within this framework.

2. The sales manager's job description. Because it usually established both the extent and the nature of his authority,' defines in detail his responsibility and accountability, and generally outlines the functions he is expected to perform, the field sales manager's job description provides a general framework for most of his organizing activity.

3. The salesman's job description. Because it usually defines his responsibility and accountability, and describes in general terms the methods and tools he will be expected to use the basic instrument of organization-when it is understood and accepted by the salesman.

4. Procedure and policy manuals. Manuals or other documents describing methods of operation to be followed in many common circumstances are useful organizational instruments because they further define responsibility be specifying what action is to be taken, who will take it, and what the extent and limits of this authority are.

These instruments serve to establish the general boundaries within the field sales unit must be organized. Beyond the guidance thus provided, the task of organizing the field sales unit is a matte for the skill and ingenuity of the field sales manager.

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