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Managerial job in business
All social institutions, whether they are business or non business ones, require the same process of management of achieving their objectives.


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But there are some special considerations that put the business enterprises in a class by itself from other social institutions. The criteria of efficiency, productivity and accountability are not so exacting and demanding in the case of other social institutions as in the case of business. Leaving aside communist countries where totalitarian planning takes place, the very survival of business depends upon the fulfillment of objectives in the face of competition and many other odds.

The manager performs three types of work simultaneously-managing a businest managing managers and managing workers and work. Almost every decision or action a ,manager takes affects all these facts. Managing a business is the task pertaining to the economic performance of the enterprise and calls for the supply of goods and services at acceptable prices. To be effective, a manager must be creator rather than' a creature of the economy. Secondly, managing mangers is necessary for making a productive organisation out of human and material resources. It involves co-ordination of efforts and functions of managerial personnel, setting goals for them and directing their activities Finally, managing workers and work is concerned with organizing and directing the employees and their work. It calls for the evaluation of the worker both as a human being and as a resource.

Managers are supposed to confine themselves to managerial duties. But in actual practice, all managers do a lot of non-managerial duties in addition to their managerial duties. The lower an level of managers, the managerial content of the job gradually shrinks and non-management duties in predominate. Even the top job are not immune from non-managerial duties. To take some examples, sales calls on important customers are usually made by the sales manager, although such duties are not managerial in character. The chief executive of a company is very often found to undertake public relations activities by way of making public addresses, having press conferences and going through other like non-managerial duties. A supervisor at the bottom performs many non-managerial duties like making reports, preparing invoices, operating equipment, and so on.

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