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Communication Net-work
People begin, modify an end relationships by communicating with one another. Communication is their channel or influence and the mechanism of change.


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In Industrial organizations it has become popular to communicate about communication to talk and write about the importance of communication in problem-solving, team work and human relations. The emphasis on communication is appropriate because it is indeed a critical dimension of organization. Most studies of employee morale indicate that inplant communications is a subject of common criticism. Failure in operation and team work are frequently attributed to the fact that instructions, orders, information or the devision did not reach some members of the team. The concern of managers, supervisors and employees about communication reflects the widespread recognition that effective communication is essential in team work. They express the conviction that the various means and media of in-plant communications have not measured up to the task of unifying and informing all members of the team.

Getting and giving information is essential to the Management of an enterprise. Where people work together, timely and adequate exchange of information serves to coordinate their work and provides means for continuing cooperative activities. Communication includes all the ways in which employees try to pass on their ideas and feelings to other-spoken works written words, pictures and gestures. Manager or Supervisor is communicating when he is receiving order, giving instructions and reporting. These are mostly face communications; it is talking and listening that he does with his subordinates and superiors. At the higher levels of any organization, more of written communication is used. This trend is seen in certain areas of work such as accounts and production planning. Whether oral or written communication consists of flow of information that people need and want, if they are to get the job done right through team work. It is for the Manager, and Supervisor or employee to make him self understood and to find out what other person means. To do it effectively, it is necessary, to know efficient ways of communicating as well as the difficulties in getting his ideas across clearly.

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