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Also of extreme importance are supervisor's relations to the technical specialists who originate the standards of performance which he is expected to uphold and to which his subordinates an workers must conform.


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These specialists are the chief sources of change at the work level, they suggest planned changes at a more rapid rate than can be assimilated by the shop-floor personal. With the introduction of modern techniques involving accurate measurements, estimates and judgments are replaced with clear cut targets, procedures and evaluations. Consequently these specialists become a constant source of threat to the feeling of security of supervisors as well as subordinates. These men affect and often make his relations with workers more difficult. Specialists also provide reports to management which can make his relations to his boss exceedingly uncomfortable. Sometimes these technical specialists short circuit supervisors by providing information direct to his superiors who may put pressure upon him. Each superior can request explanation form or give orders to, his supervisors based on such information. It is possible that supervisor is unaware of the report made by the specialists until his superior initiates action. The result of this situation is worry preparation of explanation and a felling of helplessness. Lacking knowledge of techniques, convictions and enthusiasm for change, a supervisor finds it hard t implement the planned changes. His understanding, feelings and views are closer to those of workers than of management. Yet the is expected and desired to function as a member of management team.

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