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Dealing with the outside world as a Business
From the start you should have an idea in your mind on what level of customer service and your supplier relationships you want to achieve and how you will ensure you have long-lasting relationships with these people. Set yourself parameters to work in by deciding on response times, how you will deal with any disputes, what your own criteria for accepting work will be and how you will ensure that you always provide a quality service or product.


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By deciding these things before you begin you will have a checklist to work to – these customers will be your bread and butter, they will key to your reputation and quite possibly their feedback will generate more work for you in the future.

On your website for example, you may wish to subscribe to an email auto response service that provides automatic acknowledges that customer’s emails have been received and when they will be dealt with. You may want to think about sending out newsletters and organizing a database for your clients, so that you can advise them of any new services or products.

Another option on your website is to use a blog feature to keep your clients informed of up to date information, products and services. You can either write these yourself or hire a writer to keep this updated on a regular basis.

By having a long-term view at the beginning of your business set-up you will tend to ensure that you establish best practice in most of what you do, there are always going to be issues, learning curves and problems that you hadn’t thought of – by deciding at the beginning what standards you want to meet, you can save yourself headaches down the road. This will also give you a guideline on which to train any new employees that you may take on as your business grows.

Keep a track of what works and what doesn’t to ensure that you keep on improving what you offer and how you offer it, this helps ensure the long-term success of your business!

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