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Reaching the Market
If you own a business, knowing your market and satisfying them on a constant basis is paramount to your survival. It’s for this precise reason companies spend millions of dollars every year on market analysis reports, subsequently followed by glitzy advertising.


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But if you have just started or are a small operation, millions of dollars might not readily be at your disposal. The good news is, banks and credit card companies like American Express offer loans and perks to small business owners so your product or service can succeed in the cut-throat and fickle market place. Also, network, network, network. The old cliché of “it’s not what you know but who” really applies here. Word of mouth is the fastest way for news – and good products – to spread. There’s a lot of hustle involved, but it’s all worth it at the end of your business day.

Telecommuters, you may not have the direct pressure of marketing your company’s service/product to the public. After all, that’s why they have a marketing department. But before you get too comfy and cozy, realize that you are part of the “big picture.” Your work in some way does affect the final product result. Keep abreast with the direction your manager wants to take your department. Offer ideas and input in how to work more efficiently as a team, so that the result will be that much more satisfying to the customer.

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