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Time, for starting a home based business
When will you be available to work? If you are planning to keep your current job, you may only be available for a few hours on weekday evenings which will limit the number of assignments you can take.


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Even if your home-based business will be your full time job, chances are you still have some demands on your time: taking your kids to school, extracurricular activities and appointments, watching the weekend cliffhanger episode of Guiding Light or running errands for your family.

 It’s also a good idea to think about when you like to work and when you do your best work. Whether you decide you’re at the top of your game at two o’clock in the morning or two o’clock in the afternoon, it’s best to select a job that allows you to find a schedule that matches your body’s natural rhythms. You’ll be happier as well as more productive. When thinking about time, it’s important to be realistic.

Can you really finish a large project in less than an hour?

Can you really survive on only two hours’ sleep a night?

Clients get annoyed when you promise them the moon and the stars only to have to renege when you realize there’s no way you can deliver. In fact, it only takes a couple of experiences like this to get your new home-based business a bad reputation. Skills If you already know exactly what you want to do in your home based business, you can skip this section. But if you have only a vague idea that you’d like to work from your home, you need to figure out what you want to do. 

First, what are your interests?

Make a list of ten things you love doing and brainstorm how you could turn each into a profit-making venture. For instance, “I love books and reading, so I will become an Amazon affiliate and maintain a blog recommending my favorite books to others.”

Second, do you have any special education, training, skills, experiences, certificates, or licenses?

Perhaps you’re a licensed massage therapist, have your MBA, or have spent the last ten years working on a construction site or running with the Hell’s Angels. Also, take a moment to think about the think about your natural talents, even if you don’t have training and education to back them up.

Perhaps, for instance, you’re wonderful at teaching or a whiz when it comes to fixing anything that could go wrong with a computer. List twenty-five or more areas where you have experience, education, or simply raw talent. Then go back and circle the skills you would like to take into your new home-based business.

Finally, think about how you have made money in the past.

What kind of jobs have you been paid to do?

For instance, if you’ve spent ten years maintaining medical records in a nursing facility, you could go into business for yourself by becoming a consultant who travels from one facility to another, advising administrators about any problems with documenting, following privacy laws, and maintaining records accurately.

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