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Historical Development of Production Management
The development of production management has been extremely rapid. Through production system we make available goods and services in a vast quantity. A century ago, the man of education was judged by his art, literature and language.


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Today the situation is that a person will not be treated as educated if he knows nothing about Commerce, Economics, Science and Technology. Production management is not represented by any one of these fields but is delicate blend of them all.

The first recognized attention of production economics was given by great economist Adam Smith when factory system was emerging. In 1776 he wrote the book “The Wealth of Nations” in which he emphasised the importance of division of labour. Under factory system the common sense was developing that it was more beneficial to bring larger group of workers together so that they might produce more quantity of goods. It was observed that specialized efforts of task of restricted scope on machine tools were more appreciable. A cooperative approach made goods sense. Mr. Smith noted the progress of this product system and wrote about it in his book. It should be noted here that it was not the actual time for development.

Later, in the book “The Economics and Manufactures (1883) Charles Babbage agreed with Smith on advantage or division of labour but observed that Smith had overlooked a most important advantage. He cited the example of pin manufacturing as it existed at that time. In addition to productivity advantages as cities by Mr. Smith, Babbage recognized the principle of limiting skills as a basis for pay.

Undoubtedly, Mr.F.W. Taylor is the outstanding historical figure in the development of management techniques. Taylor was both thinker and writer. At that time workman was allowed to decide himself the means by which production would be achieved. At that time the cost of production were guided by traditional methods. Taylor was famous with practical aspects existed in the factory as he started his carrier as a worker. Taylor's new philosophy was that scientific method should and should be applied to all managerial problems. The method of work should be determined by management through investigation.

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