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Meaning of production administration
The concept of production administration is misleading and confusing. Different management experts have defined the term production administration in their own way. But it is a recognized fact that modern production is an evolution.


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Federick W. Taylor, the “father of scientific management” defined the concept of functional management as 'Functional Management consists of so dividing the work of management that each man from the assistant superintendent down shall have as few functions as possible to perform. If practicable the work of each man in the management should be confined to the performance of a single leading function”.

However, Taylor, Fayol, Oliver, Shelden and H.L. Gantt etc. who were pioneers in the field of management did not emphasize the term production administration as a function of management and they limited their views to planning and work methods. Several terms such as planning, progress, production control and so on have been elaborately used and discussed and yet they have miserably failed to find out the exact meaning of this term. The term planning has received wide recognition out of many terms evolved from time to time. Some authors have gone to the extent of saying that “Planning is the primary manufactural function which logically proceeds all other functions, since, without planning, a manager would not have activities to organize would not require a staff, would have no one to direct and would have no need to control.”

Thus we see various view points of the term production administration and may conclude that neither there is a clear idea evolved of this term in use nor there is a clear picture of its activities, duties and responsibilities. These days the industries are marching with such tremendous speed in different walk of activities that common treatment or terminology of production administration is likely to be of no use.

As already pointed out, we should not forget the fact that production administration consists of production engineering, production planning and control.

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