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Advertising and Advertisement
Advertising refers to the art and job of presenting goods and services etc. It is a service. But the term advertisement refers to the form in which the actual massage appears.


Postini Alternative

This message may be in the form of a press announcement with textual matter only or textual matter accompanied with illustration to support and clarify the text. Poster, radio commercials, neon signs etc. are all advertisements. Advertising is made through advertisements. In direct advertising, sales literature is the advertising material. The size in which an advertisement appear is limited by the space available or purchased for the purpose. Advertising can also be considered a social institution. An examination of advertisements appeared during century provides a realistic glimpse of the life and values of that period. Te products and services advertised indicate, the a large extent, how people lived and aspired to live. The style of the advertisement suggests much about the culture of the times as well as some thing about general interests and opinions. Advertising can thus be considered, a mirror of society. It can also be considered as an influence on the times.

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