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Advertising and Salesmanship
Both advertising and salesmanship are designed to achieve the same ultimate objective for which each is important and one cannot replace or supplant the other.


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However, advertising is different from personal salesmanship in the following aspects.

(i) In salesmanship appeal is made through persons. In advertising, appeal is made through advertisements which are non-personal in nature.

(ii) Advertising leads prospects to salesmen. Hence in the distribution, advertising precedes salesmanship.

(iii) Advertising is addressed to the masses while salesmanship is concerned with specific individuals.

(iv) A salesman talks to the prospect before him. But advertisements are made to influence and appeal groups of persons.

(v) Though the ultimate objective of both salesmanship and advertising is the same, immediate objectives differ. Advertising is primarily concerned with creating interest in the buyers in general by building acceptance for a product and by arousing confidence and respect for the firm and its products.

(vi) since a salesman talks, the listener understands whether he is educated or uneducated. But it is difficult to convey messages of advertising to illiterate persons except in certain forms like radio messages.

(vii) Advertising has given a great feeling to the art of copy writing, commercial art and engraving while salesmanship has promoted the art and manner of speaking impressively by salesmen.

(viii) In bringing about sales, salesmanship plays a superb part while in attracting the notice of prospects, advertising plays a tremendous role.

(ix) To employ salesmen everywhere to make sales appeals in financially very expensive. But advertising is not so costly. It is the most convenient and simple device to make sales appeals over wider areas and larger audience.

(x) The ultimate purpose in both salesmanship and advertising is the same viz; increase in sales and both are complementary to each other. Advertising makes the job of salesmen easy.

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