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Marketing is the Guiding Element of Business
In short, marketing has become a pervasive force that is capable of guiding and even controlling production, as was thought in the past, marketing is not only concerned with getting the goods and services into the hands of ultimate consumers but also with maximum speed at minimum cost.


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It involves the integration of a number of activities from the conception of a product to its profitable selling and ultimate consumption.

With the rapidly increasing of production of a goods, marketing has assumed greater importance in recent years. Sustained economic growth depends to a large extent on the performance of marketing activities. Because, it is through marketing that demand for goods and services is stimulated, which, in turn, leads to higher production. Marketing, therefore, is at the heart of all industrial activity. It is of vital importance for all business men to understand the role of marketing in the economic development of a country and in raising the standard of living of the people. Thus the emphasis in modern marketing is on the consumer needs. In other words, the emphasis is on the freedom of the consumer to choose not only between two identical types products but to choose not to buy any as well. This is a glimpse of what modern marketing is all about.

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