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Measurement of Work

Where work simplification has been carried to a great extent, most of the office work can be measured. Where the work involves simple and repetitive operations, like opening of envelopes, addressing of envelops, franking, filing, indexing, etc.,

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Control of office production

Planning the objective, laying down of the policies and procedures, setting up of the organisation, and provision of proper accommodation and working environment for the staff, equipment and machines are not sufficient by themselves to ensure that office work will actually be performed in the desired way.

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Standardization and standards

The word 'standardization' is generally used to mean uniformity in the designation, definition, description or specification of things, actions or concepts.

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Steps in planning the Lay-out

The person entrusted with the task of planning the lay-out should proceed in a practical and methodical manner.

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Planning Office Lay-out

The actual work of planning the office lay-out is usually the function of the office manager. However, if there is a separate planning or method department, the task may be undertaken by the staff specialists of that department.

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Six types of movable partitions of disadvantages of private offices

Movable partition of ceiling, partial or counter height, and made of wood, steel glass or other materials, may be used with advantage to segregate private office area.

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Disadvantages of Private Offices

The number of private offices should be as few as possible because they suffer from the following disadvantages.

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Private Offices

'Private offices' are small rooms or cubicles which are separated from similar other rooms or the open office by full or half partitions.

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Disadvantages of Open Offices

The 'Open Office' arrangement also suffers from the following disadvantages or limitations

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Advantages of Open Offices

The tendency off having large open offices is gradually spreading to most modern offices mainly because of the following advantages

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Open Offices

In planning the office lay-out, one of the major problems before the office manager is whether to have a number of large open offices with a few private office for the top executives or suites of small rooms and private offices for the departments and executives.

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Principles of Office Lay-out

With the above-mentioned objectives in mind, the office manager should proceed to draw out a suitable plan for he lay-out.

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Objectives of Office Lay-Out

It would be well for an office manager to keep in mind some well defined objectives while laying out an office, so that the goal aimed at can be attained easily and economically.

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Office lay-out

“Office Lay-out' refers to the arrangement and placing of men and equipment within each department or section of the office with a view to make the best possible utilization of the available space or accommodation.

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Cost of Office Accommodation

In the ultimate consideration, however, it is the cost factor which determines the final selection of accommodation for the office.

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Staff and Customer Conveniences

In selecting office accommodation, careful attention should be given to arrangements for convenience and amenities of the staff and customers.

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Facilities of Office Organisation and Lay-out

Office building or space is not just a place for the staff to work in, it is tool or equipment as much important in the efficient performance of office work as a typewriter or calculating machine, perhaps more so.

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Lighting and Ventilation

The office building or space should facilitate the performance of work by the office staff. It should also provide the favourable environment for efficient performance of the work.

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Size and Shape of Office Accomodation

The size of the office building or the amount of office space must be adequate not only for the present requirement but also for possible future expansion.

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Owned vs Rented or Leased Accommodation

If the business is large and well established with demand for its products or services of relatively stable character, it may decide to construct its own building. In that case the building may be planned and designed to fit the exact requirements of the enterprise.

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