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Four elements of office management

The main four elements of office management are described below

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What Type of Organisation to Choose

Choosing the right type of organisation for an enterprise is a difficult job. The various factors to be considered in deciding whether any one of the above types of organisation or a variation of the some or an admixture of the two types will suit the particular requirements of the enterprise.

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Four Types of Organisation

There are four broad patterns of staff organisation which may be considered for this purpose

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Types of Organisation

Essentially, the problem of organisation involves combining and co-ordinating the efforts of a large number of staff in a useful and efficient manner to produce the desired result.

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Guides of Principles of Organisation

Thoughts are considered valuable guides in planning organisation

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Principles of Organisation

As a tool of management, organisation is expected to facilitate the attainment of the principal objectives of the enterprise for which it is meant.

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Organisation of office works

Office activities are to be organized on the basis of individual needs and circumstances. The total office work falls under two major groups, viz. general office services and sectional office activities.

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Office Procedures and Methods

Procedures and methods have no substitute for effective performance of office work. Much of the planning work pertaining to office activities rotates around these procedures and methods.

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Office Policies

Policies determine the shape of things pertaining to office activities and provide a broad guide to the course of future operation.

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Planning of Office Work

Like others office work is required to be planed by the determination of objectives, policies, procedures and methods.

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