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The National Co-operatives Consumers' Federation (NCCF), which is the apex organization of consumer co-operatives at the national level, has made significant progress an recent years.

Click to read - NCCF

Consumer Co-operatives

The consumer co-operatives are spread over throughout the country with the object of helping the equitable distribution of consumer goods.

Click to read - Consumer Co-operatives

National level co-operative Federation

These federations occupy an important position in the co-operative infrastructure of the country.

Click to read - National level co-operative Federation

Co-operative for weaker sections

These co-operatives aim at increasing employment and income opportunities of different sections of the society like small farmers n fishermen.

Click to read - Co-operative for weaker sections


The National Agricultural Co-operatives Marketing Federation (NAFED) consists of all co-operative marketing societies in the country.

Click to read - NAFED


The Indian Framers, Fertilizers Co-operative (IFFCO) is a multi-unit co-operative society owned by co-operatives in 10 States and the Government of India.

Click to read - IFFCO


The National Co-operative Development Corporation is responsible for planning, promoting and financing the programme of increasing storage capacity of co-operatives in 1974-75.

Click to read - Storage

Marketing and processing co-operatives

The co-operative marketing structure is made up of about 2,800 primary co-operative marketing societies which cover all important agricultural markets in the country, 20 State co-operative marketing federations an one National agriculture Co-operative Marketing Federation.

Click to read - Marketing and processing co-operatives

Industrial Co-operatives

Among these are the village and small industries which account for over 90 per cent of the industrials societies.

Click to read - Industrial Co-operatives

Non-credit Co-operatives working in India

A bird's-eye view of some of the non-credit co-operatives in India at present is given below.

Click to read - Non-credit Co-operatives working in India

Co-operative Movement in India

Co-operative movement is this country is now more than 80 years old. The movement was started with high hopes and lofty expectation.

Click to read - Co-operative Movement in India

Limitations of Co-operative Society

As a form of organization, the co-operative society offers the following limitations:

Click to read - Limitations of Co-operative Society

Advantages of Co-operative Society

As a form of organization, the co-operative society offers the following advantages:

Click to read - Advantages of Co-operative Society

Business Federation of Co-operatives

At the bas of the co-operative structure in different fields are the primary co-operative societies formed buy individuals.

Click to read - Business Federation of Co-operatives

Co-operative Farming Societies

The co-operative farming societies are basically agricultural co-operative formed with the object of achieving the benefits of large-scale farming an maximising agricultural output.

Click to read - Co-operative Farming Societies

Credit Co-operatives

The co-operative credit societies are voluntary associations of people with moderate means formed with the object of extending short-term financial accommodation to them and developing the habit of thrift among them.

Click to read - Credit Co-operatives

Housing Co-operatives

Housing co-operatives are associations of persons who are interested either in securing the ownership of a house or obtaining accommodation at fair and reasonable rent. Such societies are formed mostly in urban areas.

Click to read - Housing Co-operatives

Marketing Co-operatives

The marketing co-operatives or the co-operative sales societies are voluntary associations of independent producers organised for the purpose of arranging for the sale of their output.

Click to read - Marketing Co-operatives

Producer's Co-operatives

Also called industrial co-operatives, these societies are voluntary associations of small producers formed with the object of eliminating the capitalist class from the system of industrial production. Sometimes consumer's societies may join hands with the associations of producers.

Click to read - Producer's Co-operatives

Consumer's Co-operative Societies

These societies are formed by ordinary people for obtaining their day-to day-requirements of goods at cheaper prices.

Click to read - Consumer's Co-operative Societies

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