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Management of Business

Since we are concerned with the management of business, it will be useful to start with a working definition of management too.

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Launching a Business Enterprise

The establishment of a new business unit to manufacture some product or arrange for the distribution of the products of another concern is beset with a number of problem. The entrepreneur's job is, therefore, one of the most difficult and truing one in the world.

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Facilities for Promotion of Industrial Enterprises in India

The steps discussed earlier for launching a business enterprise may make a prospective businessman wonder whether he will have to solve numerous problems of new business merely by his individual means and ability or he can take some help from others.

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Project Report or Feasibility Report

Once an entrepreneur has made various analyses described in the foregoing sections, he my put them in the form of a project report.

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Requisites of Successful Business

The following pre-requisites to the success of a business orgnaisation band its management may be noted

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Industralisation in India

Following the Industrial Revolution, India's manufacturing industries particularly hand textiles had to face stiff competition from the machine-made goods of Lancashire, Sheffield and other centres of British industry.

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The Industrial Revolution

he term 'Industrial Revolution; is applied to the series of remarkable changes in the British industry which occurred during the second half of the eighteen century and the first half of the nineteenth century.

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The Domestic System

The merchants who had o market goods in different places found in necessary to see that production was geared to the needs of the markets.

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Guilds (also Gilds)

The second stage was the development of guilds. The work was bing done and organised at this stage as under the handicrafts system.

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Handicraft System

Artisans living in villages produced the requirements of th local people, and generally worked on th basis of yearly payments in exchange of goods supplied to meet requirements of farmers.

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Evolution of Industry

Modern life depends upon goods produced in almost all parts of the world. To a farmer in Punjab, cloth comes from Bombay, sugar from U.P., Kerosene from Assam, salt from Rajasthan to mention only a few articles.

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Development of Commerce

Commerce is that aspect of business activity which is concerned with the distribution of goods and services produced by industry.

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