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Information systems and computers

In an information system, data (elements or facts) are inputs into the system, the data-processor (a punched card machine or a computer, for example_) processes data, and information is the end-result or output of the system.

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Modern Cybernetics was initiated in 1984 by Norbert Wiener of the USA. Wiener's book Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine is a seminal treatise on Cybernetics.

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Systems analysis

Systems Analysis can be defined as the methodology for the study, implementation, and installation of systems.

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Quantitative techniques in management

Sophisticated methods of planning, control, and decision-making, together with the advent of the electronic computer, have brought mathematics, statistics, operations research and quantitative techniques in general well to the fore in modern industry and commerce.

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Leadership Styles

Rensis Likert makes a strong case for the fact that certain supervisory styles, when occurring together, can produce high morale and high productivity at the same time.

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The Achievement Motive

David McCloll and his collaborators have disclosed a motive which they label need achievement.

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The Role of Money in Organizational Motivation

A great deal of efforts has been devoted recently to understanding the impact of money as a motivator.

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Morale and motivation are frequently hard to treat independently. This is not because morale causes motivation, but rather because the same things may result in the covariation of morale an motivation.

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An extensive review of th literature on morale and studies on morale leads to two basic conclusions

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