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Characteristics of Delegation

Delegation has the following characteristics

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Delegation of Authority

Delegation of authority is the process through which a manager gives authority to others in order to accomplish certain assignments.

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Bases of Departmentation

Departmentation is effected by the following methods

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The process of dividing activities into units and subunits is referred to as departmentation. The term departmentation is used in a generic sense n is not only confined to the creation of such units as are called departments, but it includes divisions, sections and jobs also.

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Steps in Organization

The steps in organization may be stated as follows

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Importance of Organization

There are many Importance of Organization

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Organization Design

Organisation is a process of dividing and combining activities. The total work is divided into units and subunits of correlated activities, and the divided activities are then linked together as an integrated whole.

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Elements of forecasting

As an inference from known facts and given information forecasting required four well-marked steps in analyzing the uncertain future.

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Advantages of Forecasting

Forecasting has a number of advantages

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Forecasting underpins the planning work by indicating the future setting of business conditions. To base planning decisions on a solid foundation, forecasting provides mines of information and pertinent facts relating to the future.

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Benefits of Planning

There are many Benefits of Planning

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Characteristics of planning

Planning has a number of characteristics

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Important steps in planning

The techniques of planning may b outlined to indicate a step-by-step approach to the adoption of a comprehensive plan ready for execution.

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Classification of Plans

Planning provides a future course of action. Such course of action may involve either repetitive or non-repetitive operation as well as short-rang operation.

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Programmes of Elements of Planning

Programmes weld together different plans for implementing them into a complete an orderly course of action.

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Procedures of Elements of Planning

Procedures indicate the specific manner in which a certain activity is to be performed.

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Policies of Elements of Planning

Policies are further guides to thinking and action of subordinates in the enterprise, even though they must lie within the boundaries fixed by objectives.

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Objectives of Elements of Planning

Objectives are basic plans which determine goals or end results of the projected actions of an enterprise.

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Elements of Planning

Planning consists of several individual plans or component parts that are bound together in a consistent structure of operations.

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