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Steps in Forms Control

Following steps are recommended to be taken for proper forms control

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Objects of Forms Control

Object of forms control (or management) are as follows

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Forms Control

Forms are a basic factor in office systems in modern business. The functioning of a business depends much on them To make forms perform the work desired of them, it is necessary that there should be efficient management control of the forms.

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Disadvantages or Drawbracks of Continuous Stationery

Continuous stationery has the following drawbacks

Click to read - Disadvantages or Drawbracks of Continuous Stationery

Advantages of Continuous Stationery

It offers the following advantages

Click to read - Advantages of Continuous Stationery

Different Types of Continuous Stationery

There are three basic types of continuous stationery which can be adopted when forms are designed and produced:

Click to read - Different Types of Continuous Stationery

Continuous Stationery

The question of continuous stationery is closely linked with the use of office forms. Continuous stationery can be defined as a device whereby office forms are produced in a continuous strip, and where the separate forms are usually divided from one another by perforations......

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Designing of Forms

Proper designing of forms is crucial of the existence of an organisation as they are tools of office work. They record and communicate information.

Click to read - Designing of Forms

Utility of Office Forms

Forms are an essential feature of a modern business organisation. They are useful in many ways, chief of which are

Click to read - Utility of Office Forms

Principles of Form Designing

Form must be properly designed to serve the above-mentioned purpose. In designing the forms it is necessary to observe certain principles.

Click to read - Principles of Form Designing

Office forms

A form is a standardised record used to accummulate and transmit information for reference purposes. Considering this definition it can be said that the office form plays a vital role in modern business which depends much depends much on record for its existence.

Click to read - Office forms

Data Processing

Data processing refers to the gathering, recording and manipulation of numerical data for purposes of planning, coordination and control of activities.

Click to read - Data Processing

Paperwork in the Modern Office

All office activities involve paper work of some kind or the other. Information is received generally in the form of letters, orders, invoices and reports of various kinds.

Click to read - Paperwork in the Modern Office

Filling Rout

There are two basic operations involved in filing

Click to read - Filling Rout

Guides and Signals

A group of classified records as well as index cards or sheets can be located more rapidly if guides and signals are used in the system. These are really a type of indicators of the place of a set of records in a series.

Click to read - Guides and Signals

Advantages of Looser-leaf Binders

The loose leaf binders offer a number of advantages to the user

Click to read - Advantages of Looser-leaf Binders

Looser-leaf Binders

The usefulness of loose-leaf binders n filing and indexing is widely recognized n modern offices.

Click to read - Looser-leaf Binders


A type of card index which is provided with a device to 'tickle' or stir up memory is known as a 'tickler', Movable singals (or flag) are attached to the index cards.

Click to read - Tickler

Advantages of visible index

The advantages of visible index are

Click to read - Advantages of visible index

Visible Card Index

Most of the drawbacks of the card index can be removed by adopting this system. According to it, the cards are laid flat in transparent covers in a metal frame or a shallow tray.

Click to read - Visible Card Index

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