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Disadvantages arrangement of Decentralized or departmental filing

Decentralized or departmental filing implies the location of filing equipment and staff in each department.

Click to read - Disadvantages arrangement of Decentralized or departmental filing

Disadvantages of Centralized and Decentralized Filing

However, there are certain disadvantages also in Centralized filing

Click to read - Disadvantages of Centralized and Decentralized Filing

Advantages of Centralized and Decentralized Filing

The main advantages of this arrangement are as follows

Click to read - Advantages of Centralized and Decentralized Filing

Centralized vs. Decentralized Filing

In any large business establishment, the management hat to decide whether filing should be centralized in the main office or Decentralized, (i.e., spread among the different departments). The main object of filing is speedy and accurate location of records at minimum cost.

Click to read - Centralized vs. Decentralized Filing

Visible Card Records

Visible card records are placed in flat trays or slides in such a manner that they overlap each other. The holding devices have extensions which are held securely under the flanged sides of the containers.

Click to read - Visible Card Records

Visible Loose Leaf Records

Visible loose-leaf records are maintained on the basis of the visible principle to loose-leaf books.

Click to read - Visible Loose Leaf Records

Advantages of Visible Records System

The advantages of a visible principle are mainly three

Click to read - Advantages of Visible Records System

Visible Records System

A particular adaptation of the vertical filing system is the Visible Records System, in which looseleaf or card records are maintained in such a manner tat any particular card or sheet can be identified visually with maximum speed and convenience for making entries or reference.

Click to read - Visible Records System

Lateral Filing System

One of the latest filing systems in use is what is called 'lateral filing system'. It consists of files vertically placed across the width of a cupboard or open unit with four or five shelves an as many rows of files.

Click to read - Lateral Filing System

Open-shelf Filing

In the U.S.A. there is a recent trend towards open-shelf filing. This is particularly noticeable where materials have been accumulated in packets or large envelopes.

Click to read - Open-shelf Filing

Suspension Filing

When folders are arranged vertically in a cabinet, there is the possibility of their slipping down or sagging lower down the drawer out of sight.

Click to read - Suspension Filing

Merits of Vertical Filing

The vertical method of filing, which has been described as the best method of filing, has the following advantages as compared with the horizontal method

Click to read - Merits of Vertical Filing

Vertical Filing

This is the most modern system of filing. It has grown essentially out of the drawbacks and defects of the horizontal method under which papers are so arranged that it is impossible to refer to them at short notice.

Click to read - Vertical Filing

Horizontal Filing

Under this method, the papers are inserted in files or folders and the folders are kept in drawers in horizontal position-one upon the other.

Click to read - Horizontal Filing

Modern Methods of filing

New filing equipment has now come into use in modern offices of large-sized business units.

Click to read - Modern Methods of filing

Filing Methods

Of the various methods of filing, some have limited utility and are useful for small concerns where the volume of papers in comparatively smaller.

Click to read - Filing Methods

Geographical Filing

When it is desirable that records should be maintained by territories or geographical area, the geographic system of filing is the most suitable system to adopt.

Click to read - Geographical Filing

Alpha-numerical Filing

The use of this basis obviously involves combination of the first two bases.

Click to read - Alpha-numerical Filing

Numerical Filing

Folders containing letters pertaining to particular correspondents or subjects may be assigned numbers and arranged numerically.

Click to read - Numerical Filing

Alphabetical Filing

On this basis, the letter and folders containing letters from various correspondents or relating to various subjects are arranged according to the first alphabet with which the name (or surname) of correspondent or the title of the subject begins.

Click to read - Alphabetical Filing

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