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Postini Alternative

Some results

The general reaction to the programme from the salesmen as well as from the sales supervisors and the area sales mangers was quite favourable.

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System of evaluation

Accordingly, he developed a system of evaluation based on the following

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Evaluation of the new training programme

Mr. Goswamy felt that the real effectiveness of such a training programme could only be assessed after a considerable lapse of time. The impact of the training on salesmen's performance and motivation could not be gauged in a short period.

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The new programme

Before attempting to introduce a costly and sweeping change in the sales training methods, Mr. Krishnamoorthy felt that the programme should be tried on a small scale experimental basis. Accordingly he instructed Mr. Goswamy to arrange the training programme for two or three small groups consisting of 15 to 25 salesmen.

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Area delineated for change

Based on this rethinking, Mr. K. Goswamy, Sales Training Manager of the company had delineated several areas in which further training was needed if the sales force was to be effective in the new competitive environment

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Rethinking regarding sales training

Of late the company had begun some rethinking on the subject of salesman training. The selling environment in which sunrise salesman had been operating was beginning to change Dealers were becoming more critical in their cost-benefit assessment when buying packaged products. Friendship and service were no longer sufficient selling points.

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On -the-job training

Until recently, the only type of sales training done in the company was in the field. This typical new recruit to the sales force was attached to a salesman trainer who was an experienced salesman with more that five years experience and had some aptitude for training and developing people.

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Profile of sales force

In the period of expansion in the 1950s the company did very active and extensive recruiting for its sales force.

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Sales organization

The sales organization in the company was headed by the Director of Sales & Marketing. The next position was that of the Chief Executive of Sales & Marketing who in turn supervised two General Sales Mangers, one responsible for operations and the other for administration.

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Company background of sunrise biscuit & beverage company (A)

Sunrise Biscuit & Beverage Company was a large manufacturer and processor of biscuits, crackers, malt extract, tea and coffee. The Managing Director of the company described the product line as 'semiperishable'.

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Cases in this section

Whatever the sales management decision, it is necessary to spell out the underlying objectives clearly. The course of action chosen has to achieve these objectives consistent with the interests of the company, the customer and the sales personnel.

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Sales quotas

Sales quotas are used to control sales effort. Quotas are of many types. Simple 'sales' quotas specify sales value or volume targets to be achieved by a salesman. Budget quotas specify cost targets in addition to sales target.

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Sales compensation plans

The basic aim of any sales compensation plan is to motivate sales personnel to achieve desired levels of performance. Many compensation plans link up a salesman's earnings to his sales performances.

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Sales force size and territory design

Most sales management decisions require complex and inter-related considerations. To illustrate the decisions relating to sales force size and territory design, sales compensation plans and sales quotas will be discussed.

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Nature of sales management decisions

Many of the sales management decisions are concerned with the development and maintenance of an effective sales force. In the long run, decisions have to be made regarding the structure of an effective sales force.

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