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The Conference Method

This consists of pooling of thoughts of various persons and the group needs to learn and not to be instructed.

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Visual Aid Method

This option type of Visual Aid Method

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Group Training Methods

The three basic methods of group training are

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Check Him of training

The trainer should check whether the trainee has understood what is expected in his performance, his speed, and the mistakes that he makes.

Click to read - Check Him of training

Practice (i.e. Let Him Do) of training

Now is the time to let the salesman apply his knowledge to a part of the work. He must of course be ready.

Click to read - Practice (i.e. Let Him Do) of training

Show Him of training

This is more easily done in the field training where the trainer can actually demonstrate how the interview is started, how attention can be secured, the methods of meeting objections and so on.

Click to read - Show Him of training

Tell Him of training

The nature of the job and why it is to be done in a particular way should be explained to him.

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Prepare the Salesman of training

As the training will be effective only if the trainee wants to learn, steps should be taken to create interest in the training programme.

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Steps involved in training clearer

The following would make the basic steps involved in training clearer

Click to read - Steps involved in training clearer

The Training Formula or How Training Should be Given

Charles R. Allen in his book, The Instructor, the Man and the Job, pointed out, as early as 1919 the dangers of training by absorption (that is allowing the trainee to learn through actual experience on the job) and emphasized the advantages or training by intention (that is through an awareness and acknowledgment of responsibility for training resulting in the introduction of a training programme).

Click to read - The Training Formula or How Training Should be Given

Who gives the Training ?

With regard to the question as to who should do the actual training, the one feeling seems to be that the responsibility must rest in the line (i.e., with persons like the sales supervisor or immediate boss) since the line in fact responsible for the results secured by the salesman in the field.

Click to read - Who gives the Training ?

When should Training be Given

As already indicated, training should commence as soon as the salesman joins and must be continuous and can only cease when the salesman leaves the organisation.

Click to read - When should Training be Given

Centralized vs Decentralized Training

The advantages of the Centralised Training School (i.e. Training at the home-office or factory) are:

Click to read - Centralized vs Decentralized Training

Where Should Training be given ?

Training may be divided into (1) Group training and (2) Individual training. The former can be given in Centralised Schools (at the home office or factory) and (3) Decentralised Schools (at branches or districts). Individual.

Click to read - Where Should Training be given ?

What Should be Taught ? (The Subject-matter)

The job description is the basis or the standard around which a training programme should be framed.

Click to read - What Should be Taught ? (The Subject-matter)

The Training Objectives

Thus the first step is to identify the objectives or training. Are we talking about breaking in the new recruit or of giving refresher training to the existing sales force ?

Click to read - The Training Objectives

The training plan

In order to have an effective training plan or programme it is necessary to know:

Click to read - The training plan

Stimulation Training (Motivation of Salesman)

The training is intended to induce in the salesman a desire to improve his work habits and attitude towards the job.

Click to read - Stimulation Training (Motivation of Salesman)

Continuous or Field Coaching

In order to be effective, training must be continuous that is, it should never cease. This is because the perfect salesman has still to be produced.

Click to read - Continuous or Field Coaching

Initial or Break-in Training

To be moulded into a finished salesman, the recruit must be convinced that he has entered a profitable career and hot merely a job, i.e. A position in which he can utilise his talents and get satisfaction.

Click to read - Initial or Break-in Training

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