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Sales control

Sales control involves an evaluation of all marketing efforts with reference to predetermined standards of performance.

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Direction of sales personnel

Direction of sales personnel is of paramount importance in securing and maintaining the expanding volume of sales. Sales employees expect the satisfaction of the same wants and desires like other employees to arouse the will-to-do in them.

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Sale by Description or by Sample

In case of a contract for the sale of goods by description the implied condition is that the goods shall correspond with the description.

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Agreement to be enforceable at law of contract of sale

For an agreement to be enforceable at law there are three main requirements, namely

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Agreements of divided into two classes of contract of sales

Agreements may generally be divided into two classes, namely

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Contract of sale

A contract for the sale of goods is defined by the Indian sale of Goods Act of 1930 “as a contract where by the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the property or goods to the buyer for price”.

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Legal aspects of sale

The sales office should also be aware of other legal implications such as the essentials of a contract of sale of goods as well as the implications of sale by description or by sample.

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Points of communicating

The following points should be kept in mind while communicating with salesmen

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Communicating with salesman

If Communicating with salesmen sometimes seems to be more difficult than communicating with other people, perhaps it is because most salesmen are not, by temperament or instinct, good listeners.

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Management of the Salesmen's Time

Another area in which the sales manager or supervisor can help his salesmen is by guiding them in the most productive use of the selling time available to such salesmen. Selfmanagement is an important quality of a good salesman.

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Avoiding Salesmen's Obsolescence

Another important duty of the sales manager at the control stage is to assure that obsolescence does not catch up with his salesmen. The commonest form of salesman's obsolescence is in the area of knowledge.

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The sales manager generally tries to obtain as much information as the can about his competitors and their success. The salesman can give him valuable information in this connection generally through reports.

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Usual information of sales man reports

The number and type will thus depend upon then need but as far as possible the fewer the better. The salesman may be required to submit either detailed reports on individual customers or a collective report giving details of a number of calls. The usual information required consists of

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Types of Report Forms

In deciding on the type of forms to be used for salesmen's reports there must be definite objectives.

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Commonest methods of control of salesmen

The commonest methods of control of salesmen are through personal contact or through correspondence and reports.

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Methods for control of salesmen

The control of salesmen may be effected through

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Essentials of Sales Supervision

Briefly the duties o f a person in charge of controlling the sales force or part of it, include the ability to do the following:

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Qualification of a Sales Manager

A person with adequate qualification may be appointed as a sales manager directly. He should possess a strong mental capacity so that he is able to understand and convince his ideas to others. He should be able to win the confidence of others by his personality.

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Planning the future sales

Thus planning the future sales helps to know the exact future course of activities

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Chiefly of sales manager

The targets are chiefly of sales manager

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