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What is Involved ?

Executive, because of their status, duties and authority, are said to be in the position of leadership. If leadership is considered as something that influences persons, executive performance would be leadership performance.

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In a formal sense, any executive obtains authority by delegation form a superior. Hence, the right to command and whom are determined by the statement of delegation. These rights are subject to the decision of his own superior and circumscribed by company policies.

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Authority in its broadest sense means the right to command performance of others. It implies the right to make decisions, to give orders to others and to expect obedience from those to whom orders are given.

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The Situation

The principle of decentralization is being accepted and adopted in varying degree by industrial units. This growing trend does not only help to the growing size of the units but also need for better utilization of managerial and supervisory personnel.

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The leaders in industry are not chosen by the employees but are appointed by those higher in management. The employees have not come together voluntarily, to achieve common objective of an organization.

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Attitude Surveys

Information regarding the way employees feel about various aspects of the organization, such as policies, practices, problems and possible improvements are obtained by means of a questionnaire followed by personnel interviews.

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Exist Interview

An employee who is leaving a company generally fells free to express his views regarding is work. A senior officer may arrange to meet him for a brief discussion regarding the various aspects of his work in the organization, knowing that the employee is likely to weaknesses in the organization thus providing the basic data for further investigation.

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Employee Booklets

The bigger companies have published booklets containing company information. These booklets are supplied mainly to the new employees and also to others.

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Suggestion Plans

Increasing number of organizations are trying out suggestion plans together useful ideas form people who have through knowledge of their jobs.

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Statements and Reports

Considerable paper work is done in industry and business. A part of this work is standardized in the form of statements and reports.

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Oral Personal Contacts

This is done daily in every work spot. The exchange of information through this media is not only widespread, but also plays a very significant role in determining the degree of cooperation and efficient performance.

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Notice Boards

These are found in every organization, but very few of the boards are attractive and effective.

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A large number of companies have established Production Committees, and Joint Consultation Committees, with a view to exchanging views and keeping the different groups in the organization informed to their decisions actions, problems and benefits.

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Communication Techniques

There are several formal media of communication which are begin widely used in industrial situation.

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Keeping the Subordinate Informed

It helps the employee to carry out his job satisfactorily when he is informed fully regarding jobs allocated t him and the authority delegated to complete them.

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Keeping the Boss Informed

There is a great deal of day-to-day information that the Supervisor or the Manager is expected to supply to his boss.

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There are number of barriers on the flow of information up, down and across, such as authoritarian climate, indifferences of superiors, wrong media, prejudices and fears.

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Three way Communication

One-way communication has some advantages in speed over the three-way. It also has the advantages of protection the sender from having to recognize his own faults and protecting him from some of the more complex problem so managing.

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Communication Net-work

People begin, modify an end relationships by communicating with one another. Communication is their channel or influence and the mechanism of change.

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It is in relation to the workers that superior's position becomes especially difficult. The problem of getting smooth operation become acute because he has to uphold, at the work level, the standard, policies and rules which have been originated by other groups and see to it that workers confirm to them.

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