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Negotiating Process

The negotiating process is a ritual that is peculiar to the given situation, the times, and the times, and the parties.

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The final offer

This should consider the needs of the company, union leadership and membership, area wage rates, legal requirements, etc.

Click to read - The final offer

Factual support proposals

The negotiating team must be prepared to substantiate any proposal with facts.

Click to read - Factual support proposals

Presenting company proposals

Company proposals are often stated in terms of the objective or as discussion item, rather than in specific contract language, t provide more flexibility in negotiations.

Click to read - Presenting company proposals

Setting priorities of company proposals

After all this information is compiled, company objectives should be ranked in order of importance.

Click to read - Setting priorities of company proposals

Formulation of Company Objectives and Proposals

Development of company proposals to be given to the union should be that last step in the process of determining management goals and objectives in negotiations. Indeed, after the process is completed, it may be decided not to make any company proposals.

Click to read - Formulation of Company Objectives and Proposals

Power of Commitment

Only the company spokesperson has the power to commit the company to an action.

Click to read - Power of Commitment

Confidentiality of negotiations

Confidentiality of negotiations

Click to read - Confidentiality of negotiations

Conduct of Negotiating Table

At the negotiating table, no other member of the committee should speak unless pursuant to a plan worked out with the spokesperson in advance.

Click to read - Conduct of Negotiating Table

Training of Committee

After section, the team members should be thoroughly briefed by their spokesperson in the role each is to play in negotiations as well as the overall strategy to be followed.

Click to read - Training of Committee

Company Spokesperson

One individual should be identified as the company spokesperson. Normally he or she is the cognizant employee relations manger although this is not a necessity.

Click to read - Company Spokesperson

Committee Members

Committee Members

Click to read - Committee Members

Company Negotiating Team

One of the primary requisites of successful bargaining is the makeup of the company negotiating team.

Click to read - Company Negotiating Team

Union Demands

It is important in planning company strategy and ascertaining the probable cost of reaching settlement to anticipate the demands the union may make in negotiations.

Click to read - Union Demands


Ratification practices, like negotiation practices, tend to follow traditional patterns. Members, like leaders, learn to expect certain things to occur before the company's final offer is credible.

Click to read - Ratification

Obtaining Union Committee Agreement

Obviously, the agreement of the union committee cannot be obtained unless the committee is convinced that the company has made its final offer.

Click to read - Obtaining Union Committee Agreement

Union Negotiation Techniques

At the outset it is important to review past demands against actual settlements. This provides some insight into how much room the union typically levels for itself to move.

Click to read - Union Negotiation Techniques

Review of Union Negotiation and Ratification Practices

Most unions follow an historical pattern in the negotiation and ratification practices.

Click to read - Review of Union Negotiation and Ratification Practices

Review of Legal Requirements

Review of Legal Requirements

Click to read - Review of Legal Requirements

Bargaining Unit of Information

Bargaining Unit of Information

Click to read - Bargaining Unit of Information

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