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Postini Alternative

Post Strike Situation of strike/lock-out

As a result of strike/lock-out there may be lot of frustration amongst the work force due to worklessness, loss of wages, violence, etc.

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In Strike Situation of strike/lock-out

The first victim of strike is the morale of the employees. To keep the morale up, it is essential that the officers and such others persons of the establishment, who are not participating in strike should not be allowed to feel work less as far as possible.

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Pre-Strike Situation of strike/lock-out

When stirke/lcok-out becomes unavoidable, the management has to take certain precautions in advance some of which are as follows:-

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Strike and lockout

Strike and lock-out are the weapons in the armory of the labour and the employer respectively in the process of collective bargaining.

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Measure to check Indiscipline

The problem of indiscipline among the industrial workers is the main concern of the organisation which should be removed as early as possible.

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Causes of Indiscipline

Indiscipline lies in non-cooperation, and non-cooperation is the result of the faulty attitudes and behavior of the management or the leaders in the organization.

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Code of Discipline

The importance of organised labour cannot be denied in the industrial economy of a country.

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Negative Discipline

Negative discipline is just opposite to Positive discipline and insists on penalties in case of violation any rule.

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Positive Discipline

Positive discipline means a sense of duty to observe the rules an regulations form within the individual. It is that state of mind of individual which prompts him or group to do the proper thing in a systematic way with or without instruction.

Click to read - Positive Discipline

Positive and Negative Discipline

The term discipline refers to two basic conceptions-Positive and Negative.

Click to read - Positive and Negative Discipline

Principles of discipline

The following principles of discipline must be followed in an industrial organisation:

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Objective of Discipline

The main objective of every organisation is to attain the maximum prosperity with minimum efforts and discipline is a tool to attain that prosperity.

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Meaning of Discipline

To follow rules, regulations and procedures systematically in the manner and sense in which they are prepared and conveyed is called discipline.

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Industrial Discipline

The place of discipline cannot be over emphasized in the industrial economy of a country.

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Control of Labour turnover

High rate of Labour Turnover is detrimental to the interests f workers and employers both.

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Causes of Labour Turnover

Separation of employee from the organisation whether he leaves on their own accord or they are discharged, is a matter of concern for the organisation.

Click to read - Causes of Labour Turnover

Labour Turnover of labour problems

In every organization employees constantly join and leave the institution for one reason or the other.

Click to read - Labour Turnover of labour problems

Measure to check Absenteeism

Absenteeism can be controlled only when its causes are uncovered and the measures to be taken depend upon its causes.

Click to read - Measure to check Absenteeism

Causes of Absenteeism

In order to minimize the severity of the problem, it is necessary to determine its extent and causes.

Click to read - Causes of Absenteeism

Absenteeism of labour problems

By absenteeism, we mean a condition where worker keeps himself away form the work without any notice, where he is scheduled to work.

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