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Setting up to work from home


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Dealing with the outside world as a Business

From the start you should have an idea in your mind on what level of customer service and your supplier relationships you want to achieve and how you will ensure you have long-lasting relationships with these people. Set yourself parameters to work in by deciding on response times, how you will deal with any disputes, what your own criteria for accepting work will be and how you will ensure that you always provide a quality service or product.

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Receiving Payment Online

You have many options for receiving payment online – one of the most famous of course is Paypal which also offers businesses credit card facilities as well as payment via email. Note that Paypal like many such providers does extract a fee for any deposits made into your account, it will pay to shop around as there are now new and established providers to receive online payments. Again check your reviews (make sure they are not sponsored reviews!!). Another option to consider for a wider market appeal is to align your payment methods with virtual debit and credit cards as well as the traditional sources of Internet payment.

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Websites for yoru home business

A lot of people leap into website development as part of their business start up – that is understandable, but unless you understand your business and what you actually want your website to do for you and your clients – you could end up wasting a lot of time and money on redevelopment or lost business as your website may not be client or customer friendly.

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Email for your home business

Most clients expect an ease of access and communication through email in today’s business environment. Email traffic for businesses is both a bonus and a concern. In order to stay accessible and maintain your client communication you both need to set up a reliable source for your email and make sure that you manage your email communication effectively.

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Choosing a Name for your Business

If you are choosing a business name there are a few things to check out first and a few things to consider.

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