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The Home Business and Working from Home


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The Buck Stops Here

As a business owner, that says it all. Because you control productivity, you consequently control cash flow. And though this seems nice at first Ė you finally get the compensation you deserve Ė a lot responsibility lays on your shoulders. Your employees rely on you for their livelihoods.

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Reaching the Market

If you own a business, knowing your market and satisfying them on a constant basis is paramount to your survival. Itís for this precise reason companies spend millions of dollars every year on market analysis reports, subsequently followed by glitzy advertising.

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I am my Boss...

The biggest allure of owning a business or telecommuting is the freedom to manage your time the way you want and create your own happy office atmosphere. But just because you are out of the office doesnít mean you donít have to report to anyone else.

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