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Lay off

Lay off means the failure, refusal or inability of an employer on account of coal, power or raw materials or accumulation of stock, break down of machinery or by any other reason to give employment to a workman whose name is borne on the muster rolls.

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Distinction between Demotion and Discharge

The meaning of these two terms demotion and discharge have been already explained. In both these situation, an employee is relieved from his present assignments.

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Discharge Policy

Whatever may be the cause of dismissal it should be done as a last step and not as the first step.

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Reasons of Discharge

Discharge can be done on two reasons (i) unsatisfactory performance and (ii) misconduct on the part of the employee.

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Discharge or dismissal involves separating an employee form the pay roll of the organizations for violation of organizations rules or for inadequate performance.

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Demotion Policy

Demotion is always difficult and management should, as far as possible, try to avoid it at any cost. But there are circumstances where demotion becomes imperative and management can choose no other alternative.

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Causes of Demotion

There are several reasons for demotion a man form his present position. Some of them are as under

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Demotion is a particular type of transfer involving a cut in pay, status or responsibilities. It sis just opposite to promotion where the person is changed to a job lower in status, grade, an responsibilities.

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Transfer and Promotion Distinguished

There are few of Transfer and Promotion Distinguished

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Principles of Transfers Policy

A sound transfer policy should be evaluated in the organism to govern all types of employee transfer to get reasonable consistency of treatment rather than to decide each case independently.

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On the Basis of Unit of Transfer

There are few Basis of unit of transfer

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On the Basis of purpose of Transfer

There are few basis of purpose of transfer

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Kinds of Transfer

Transfer from one job to another within an organisation may be made for varied reasons. Accordingly, there are different types of transfers.

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Transfer is the movement of an employee from one job to another without involving any substantial change in this duties, responsibilities, required skill status and compensation.

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Arguments for Merit

Seniority as the basis of promotion has certain disadvantages over the Merit. Some people, generally management personnel always insist on 'Ability' as the basis of promotion because they always like to place the right man on the job.

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Arguments for Seniority

Trade unions generally argue for the seniority as the basis or promotion on the following grounds

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Seniority verses Merit

We have discussed above two formal bases of promotion-seniority and ability. But now this is a burning problem before the management which one should be adopted as the basis fo promotion in t organisation. Trade unions prefers seniority as the bass while management insists on merit.

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Bases of Promotion

Promotion is a policy matter, therefore all decisions regarding promotion should be taken by the top executive in the line management. While designing the promotion policy, there is always a problem before the management.

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Role of Personnel Department in Promotion

Promotion is line responsibility. Supervisor or immediate boss should propose promotions which is subject to approval by is immediate superior in that line organisation.

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Functions of Principles of Promotion Policy

A sound promotion policy should be based on the following principles

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