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Demerits of T.V. Advertising

There are some demerits of T.V. advertising

Click to read - Demerits of T.V. Advertising

Merits of T.V. Advertising

There are some merits of T.V. advertising

Click to read - Merits of T.V. Advertising

Television publicity

This is the most recent medium of publicity. But it is a very costly medium. The positron of radio publicity is now being gradually taken by T.V. advertising.

Click to read - Television publicity

Two Fundamentals of Advertising Productions

There are two fundamentals of advertising productions

Click to read - Two Fundamentals of Advertising Productions

Production Techniques

The techniques employed are live action and animation. Live action must not be confused with live broadcasting as a like action. Commercial may be broadcast like or transcribed on film or tape.

Click to read - Production Techniques

Video Tape

Local production spots are almost all recorded on video tape. It is continuous plastic ribbon coated with magnetic particles and looks like audio tape enlarged about eight times.

Click to read - Video Tape

T.V. Commercial Production

T.V. messages can be transmitted also live or transcribed. Live telecasting includes action and sound as it takes place in the studio at the transmitting moment and is rare to day. Transcribed commercial on film or tape.

Click to read - T.V. Commercial Production

Radio Commercial Production

Radio and T.V. productions became deeply involved with drama and other performing acts. They need creative manipulation. Radio and T.V. are the most powerful means of communication for reaching the masses.

Click to read - Radio Commercial Production

The Printing of Advertisements

There are large number of printing presses for printing cards, handbills, pamphlets, magazines and books. If the advertiser prefers press media, he must sent to the publishers either the originals or their stereos or electrodes or eve mats if they are prepared to accept them.

Click to read - The Printing of Advertisements

Electrotypes of taking duplicate plates

In India these are not common as they are costly. But for all practical purpose they are as good as the original plates. Hence fine screen halftone plates can be made frym their original.

Click to read - Electrotypes of taking duplicate plates

Matrices and Stereotypes of taking duplicate plates

For making stereo type matrix block in necessary. For making a matrix or mat, the original unmounted plate is pressed into a damp piece of pulp called pappier machines: Since the latter is wet it takes in the design and the letters are engraved on the plate. It is then dried on drying, it appears like a white card board with the design and the letters in the same form as they appear in a newspaper.

Click to read - Matrices and Stereotypes of taking duplicate plates

Taking Duplicate Plates

Duplicating plates are either:

Click to read - Taking Duplicate Plates

Instructions to the Engraver

The advertiser as to give full inclusion and information to the engraver when he hands over the finished art work to him for making plates.

Click to read - Instructions to the Engraver

Photo engraving of Layouts in Colours (halftone Plates)

When colour paintings (or advertisements with such paintings) are to be painted, the photoengraver takes photographs of such paintings by making use of the appropriate coloured filters and prepares halftone plates.

Click to read - Photo engraving of Layouts in Colours (halftone Plates)

Layouts of photo engraving

The process of some of the popular forms of photo engraving of layouts are the following:

Click to read - Layouts of photo engraving

Photo Engraving

There are different types of engraving in the relief process of printing. The olden type is literally reversed engraving done by hand or with to old on wooden pieces or metal plates. Of ink is applied on elevated places and a paper is pressed on the plate, the design or wording on the engraved portions appears on the paper.

Click to read - Photo Engraving

Line EngravingLine Engraving

The first is the line engravings. It reproduces two tones, solid black and solid white. The half tone engraving is used when continuous tones from solid black through gaps to white are desired as the varying tones of a photographs.

Click to read - Line EngravingLine Engraving

Line and Halftone Engravings

The letter press printing and photo-engraving process are used for the preparation of an art work.

Click to read - Line and Halftone Engravings

The Production of Graphic Elements

These are not limited to the production of illustrative or art material only. They are also used in text material combined with pictures. The production of graphic elements involves camera and chemical methods of reproducing images which are not composed.

Click to read - The Production of Graphic Elements

Type Designs Classified

The character or personality of type results from the design of the letters and figures and this designs also affects the readability of type.

Click to read - Type Designs Classified

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