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Small word of Typography

In advertising it is necessary to be familiar with same of the common printing and advertising terms. Terms in common use are therefore given below-

Click to read - Small word of Typography


The advertiser must ave a working knowledge of the various types that may be used an can request the printer to give in a Type Specimen Book so tat appropriate types may be selected and indicted. Typography is the art of printing.

Click to read - Typography

Identification Marks of make up of an advertisement copy

It is t advertiser's name, brand name, or identification marks.

Click to read - Identification Marks of make up of an advertisement copy

Body of the Copy of make up of an advertisement copy

It conveys the story in detail in the form of selling points.

Click to read - Body of the Copy of make up of an advertisement copy

Illustrations of make up of an advertisement copy

Pictures are used to invite quick understanding of a given idea. It is an important device to gain attention and explain the advertising idea or product.

Click to read - Illustrations of make up of an advertisement copy

Slogans of make up of an advertisement copy

A slogan is very single word or a group of words regularly used by a advertiser to impress upon the readers a basic idea about is product.

Click to read - Slogans of make up of an advertisement copy

Sub Headline of make up of an advertisement copy

These are subordinate captions that simply expend the headline thought. They carry the reader's interest a step further into the story.

Click to read - Sub Headline of make up of an advertisement copy

Headline make up of an advertisement copy

A headline should be short an sweet to arrest the attention of the reader. It represents the message in gist at a glance.

Click to read - Headline make up of an advertisement copy

Make up of an Advertisement Copy

An advertisement copy contains various elements as headline, sub-headlines, slogans, illustration, body of the copy and identification.

Click to read - Make up of an Advertisement Copy

Expository Copy

Expository copy is not concealing but exposing. It is quite opposite of suggestive copy where the facts given are simple and direct and has the necessity of inferring the message.

Click to read - Expository Copy

Suggestive Copy

A suggestive copy tires to pin point or convey the message directly or indirectly where the readers are made interested.

Click to read - Suggestive Copy

Educational Copy

The copy designed to educate the people is known as educational copy. It may be introductory or missionary depending on a case.

Click to read - Educational Copy

Prestige Copy

This pattern is usually found in what is called institutional advertising which aims at creating an atmosphere about the product or the firm and may not directly advice the product for sale.

Click to read - Prestige Copy

Personality Copy

This copy attempts to capitalize on the opinion of personality, real or imaginary about the product.

Click to read - Personality Copy

Colloquial Copy

The colloquial copy uses an informal language and talks in terms of 'I' and 'you' with personal reference to the reader and the advertiser.

Click to read - Colloquial Copy

Human Interest Copy

It makes its appeal to the emotions and the senses rater than the intellect and judgment. Sympathy, affection, fear, bonus, curiosity and other emotional appeals are utilised and appeals to the senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing Human interest copy tells about products in their relation to people instead of conforming to fact about the products.

Click to read - Human Interest Copy

Reason Why Copy

It offers the reader reasons why he or she should buy the advertised product. By stressing the commodity's points of difference and superiority, it endeavors to convince the reader in reference to the other rivals.

Click to read - Reason Why Copy

Topical Copy

Herein an attempt is made to appeal to the general reader by linking the theme of the copy with some current event. It commands a good deal of interest by reason of its being related to events in which people are interested.

Click to read - Topical Copy

Institutional Copy

Institutional advertisement copy does not sell the products of institution but that name of it. The objective is to build the reputation for product for a department or the selling house as a whole.

Click to read - Institutional Copy

Scientific Copy

Advertisements for drugs and medicines provide the pattern of a 'scientific copy'. It is technical in character elaborating the propositions of properties and constituents of the same.

Click to read - Scientific Copy

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