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Reith report on advertising

It may be pertinent to reproduce here certain opinions found in Reith Report on Advertising Commissioned by the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. Most of its comments are the best reply to the critics of advertisements.

Click to read - Reith report on advertising

Market Study

Market study involves the detailed study of he following:

Click to read - Market Study

Consumer Study

This must supplement the product study because every consumer does not need every thing produced and as an adverser should know who are likely his customers.

Click to read - Consumer Study

Product Study

The purpose of Product Study is to make the goods more attractive, useful and to find out the defects if any and to increase sales.

Click to read - Product Study

Frame work of marketing

There are three types of Frame work of marketing

Click to read - Frame work of marketing

Foundations of advertising

Manufacturers and other producers have to plan in advance about the advertising programme to be made. In the modern economy advertising plays a vital role for pushing up sales.

Click to read - Foundations of advertising

Scientific advertising involves

There are some options of Scientific advertising involves

Click to read - Scientific advertising involves

Scientific advertising

Through advertising is justified in the foregoing paragraphs the arguments are not applicable always. At least in two or three instances the advertising would be a waste. Firstly, the advertisements that are not catching the eye of the consumers fail in achieving the desired object. The money spent on such advertisements is definitely waste.

Click to read - Scientific advertising

Benefits to the Community

There are some options of Benefits to the Community

Click to read - Benefits to the Community

Benefits to the Salesmen

The salesmanship is incomplete without advertising. Advertising serves as the forerunner in the distribution of goods.

Click to read - Benefits to the Salesmen

Benefits to Consumers

There are some options of Benefits to Consumers

Click to read - Benefits to Consumers

Benefits to Wholesalers and Retailers

There are few options of Benefits to Wholesalers and Retailers

Click to read - Benefits to Wholesalers and Retailers

Benefits to manufacturers

There are few options Benefits to manufacturers

Click to read - Benefits to manufacturers

Benefits of advertising

The benefits of advertising may be narrated as follows

Click to read - Benefits of advertising

Benefits of advertising

Advertising broadens the knowledge of the consumer. With the aid of advertising, consumers find and buy necessary products without waste of time.

Click to read - Benefits of advertising

Direct action Advertising

The advertising that stresses and persuades immediate buying of the product is know as Direct action advertising.

Click to read - Direct action Advertising

Non-Commercial Advertising

Non-Commercial Advertising

Click to read - Non-Commercial Advertising

Commercial Advertising

It is also termed as business advertising. As the name suggests such advertising is solely meant for effecting increase in sales. Usually the following forms of commercial advertising are recognized;

Click to read - Commercial Advertising

Co-operative Advertising

When manufacturers, wholesalers and/or relaters jointly sponsor and share the expenditure on advertising it takes the form of co-operative advertising. Such advertising would carry the names of all the parties involved

Click to read - Co-operative Advertising

Product or Institutional Advertising

Johan Hobson of the Hobson Bates agency, U.k., remarked, “People do not buy things; they buy the satisfaction, both objective and subjective that those things are going to deliver to them personally.” It is a fact that a shop window display can only display the goods.

Click to read - Product or Institutional Advertising

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