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Pricing the Right Issue

Main Considerations for Pricing the Right Issue. Rights are generally issued at a price much lower than the market price but the question how low should it be.

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Impact of Rights on Financial Policy

The issue of right shares affect the financial policy of an enterprise in the following manner

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Advantage of Right Issue

The following are the main advantages of right issue

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Valuation of Right Share

The right shares, as we know, are issued by the company at par or at a premium but less than the ruling market price.

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Procedure of Right Issue

The procedure of right issue as given in the Companies Act may be followed as follows

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Meaning and Procedure of Right Issue

Wherever, an existing company wants to issue new series of equity shares to finance its additional activities, it is required to offer these shares to the existing shareholders at a specified price during a particular period.

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Effect of Trade Cycles on Issue

The total period of a cycle can be divided into boom, recession, depression and recovery. In boom period, the trend in the market is upward; the demand of capital increases and consequently the rate of interest goes up. Under these circumstances, the risk capital (equity shares) should be issued.

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Timing and Pricing of Issues

The another problem of the issue of capital is that of timing and pricing of issue.

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