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Maintaining the standard

Standardisation is a continuous process and the success depends on maintaining it systematically. If standards are registered, then the manufacturer is obliged to maintain it.

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Characteristics of a Good Brand Name

At the time of choosing a brand name, various aspects require careful consideration. Very often, manufacturers invite brand names from the consumers, dealers, and agencies.

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Kinds of Brand Names

Branding is a process by which products are named. These names to become successful should reflect certain aspects of the products or the manufacturer.

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Arguments Against Branding

There are few options of arguments against branding

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Distributors of brand names

To the distributors of brand names :

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Consumers of brand names

To the Consumers of brand names :

Click to read - Consumers of brand names

Manufacturers of brand names

To the Manufacturers of brand names :

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Advantages of Brand Names

The advantages of using brand name could be easily recognized for each group of participants in the marketing, viz., manufacturers, consumers, distributors, as follows:

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Following factors of brands

The decision of a manufacturer to choose a family brand or individual brand depends on the following factors:

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Distributors' Brands

There are some options of distributors' brands

Click to read - Distributors' Brands

Manufacturers' Bands

There are some options of manufacturers' brands

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Kinds of brands

“Thomas F. Schutte in “The Semantics of Branding” classifies the brands into two broad categories.

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Brand Image and Product Image

Every brand image is partially derived form a product image. The product image relates to the fundamental aims and satisfactions, which the consumers find in a particular product.

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Functions of Branding

There are some functions of branding

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Copy Right

This is applicable in the case of books an is used in the same meaning as that of patents.

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Patents are public documents conferring certain rights, privileges, titles or offices. A patent confers the right to the use of a technical invention.

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Trade Name

This term is frequently and erroneously used as a synonym for either 'brand name' or 'trade mark.'

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Trade Mark

When a brand name or brand mark is registered and legalized it becomes a trade mark. Thus registered brands are Trade Marks. In that sense all trade marks are brands but not all brands are trade marks.

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Branding is the management process by which a product is branded.

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Brand Mark

A mark is the part of the brand which appears in the form of a symbol, design, or distinctive coloring or lettering (William, J.Stanton).

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